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7th Dan Blackbelt and Current and 15 times World Self Defense  Champion John Gill offering 4 week courses , weekend workshops and regular after school and evening classes in Sydney and Melbourne Australia and Los Angeles and Las Vegas USA.

Master John Gill is also offering the Bruce Lee seminars with Grandmaster Bob Wall who was in 3 of Bruce Lee’s movies including staring as O’Hara in Enter the Dragon.

In this seminar you will see the full movie of Enter the  Dragon with questions and answers directly with Bob Wall and then with World self defense champion John Gill together they will teach some of Bruce Lee’s best  techniques

We also offer Martial Arts film star Cynthia Rothrock offering self defense /empowerment training to corporates  and for Martial Arts schools dynamic kicking and movie choreography  with Cynthia Rothrock and Hapkido with John Gill.

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Instructor to you available for personal Martial Arts and self defense training and small groups
throughout LA and Orange counties at your home, workplace or local Gym !
Empowerment and Motivational Workshops
available for schools and corporates :

For World Champion John Gills Online learning systems visit www.selfdefenselessonsonline.com and martialartsclassesonline.com

MARTIAL MOTIVATION with world champion John Gill

JG Australia day award photo (2)Profile of Motivational Masters Speaker JOHN GILL


> Current World self defence champion and winner of 26 Martial Arts Championships including 15 World championships

6c24f233-e0fe-4614-90cf-81e7e7a178b7> 7th Dan Blackbelt Master instructor in Taekwondo and Hapkido

> Australian of the year nominee and Ambassador for the white Ribbon Foundation for the prevention of violence against women

> Winner of NSW, Australian and Pan Pacific Tennis Masters Championships

> Qualified tennis coach



> Diploma of Mortgage Lending

> Diploma of Financial Services (Financial


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MARTIAL MOTIVATION is designed for both adults and children to be more determined, focused and driven to achieve success. Some of the powerful topics covered in the Martial Motivation Workshop are:

How to develop a positive attitude towards life, work or school

> The art of setting goals for success and happiness

> The importance of optimism and positive thinking

> How to develop unshakeable self confidence and mental toughness

> How to harness your inner self discipline, determination and perseverance

> Breaking through limiting beliefs

> Success strategies of champion athletes and teams

> Feel empowered by learning important self Protection techniques

> Anti-bullying strategies and techniques

> The dangers of drugs and alcohol

> Release stress and build inner calm with tai chi and chi kung exercises


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